Rita Ora VS. The Runway


Who did it best? Rita or the Runway?  Rita topped this Jean Paul Gaultier look off with a blue sheepskin vest and Giuseppe Zanotti Gladiator heels.


Transformation Tuesdays: 2009 to 2014

Transformation Tuesdays!  I often wonder if celebrities look back on their past red carpet looks and feel regret or relief.  Some outfits are timeless and others need to be put in a time capsule.  The best way to see timeless fashion is to look at something from a few years back and see if it is something you would wear today.  Check out this gallery of transformations from 2009 to 2014.  Can you see yourself wearing the 2014 fashion in 5 years?





Brian Atwood VS. Shoedazzle


The mesh trend is very big this spring/summer. Everything from shirts, skirts, dresses, pants and shoes will have a mesh panel. I recently bought a pair of mesh booties on Shoedazzle for $19.95. They’re so comfortable and the price was awesome!


Brian Atwood has a pair of mesh booties from his Spring 2013 collection. His version, Michelet, retails between $199 and $275.


Michelet is more defined with a more exposed mesh while the shoedazzle version is just as sleek but has a faux leather heel.  Which do you prefer?

Stylecon of the Week


This week’s stylecon loves to wear prints! Going through her photos, I noticed her style heavily influenced by African/tribal prints. I absolutely love it! Don’t get me wrong, this fashionista can pull off a variety of looks, the tribal is just my favorite :)
Check out @Tuwaink (Instagram ) below!




Why look back when you can look forward?


Why look back when you can look forward?
You ever notice in the horror movies, the damsel in distress is running from the killer and she’s constantly looking back? Every time she looks back, it slows her down. Of course she wants to see how close the killer is to her, but the more she looks back, the more danger she puts herself in.

In life, we constantly stop and turn around to look at what’s behind us. While I think it’s always important to know where you have been to see where you are going, at some point you have to make the conscious decision to STOP looking back. To know where you have been to see where you are going, allows you room to recognize, internalize and apply lessons of the past to your future. Constantly looking back will slow you down from moving forward. There’s a HUGE difference. If you’ve learned from the lessons in the past, why turn around? It’ll do nothing but hinder you. It’ll slow down the progress of your future if you’re stuck dwelling on the past. Like the damsel in distress, you’ll run, turn around, fall to the ground and allow the killer to get you. Be smart and keep your eyes on what’s ahead of you!

Who Wore it Best?

I LOVE to see celebrities who wear the same outfits.  Although I hate when it happens to me, for a celebrity, it is a way to see more of the personal style of the celeb.  Personal style can make the same outfit look completely different.  Check out this gallery of Who Wore it Best and take note of the personal style.


Rosie Huntington VS. Jennifer Hudson in Balmain


Kim Kardashian VS. Christina Hendricks in Wes Gordon


Jennifer Husdon VS. Blake Lively VS. Victoria Beckham in Victoria Beckham


Kanye West VS. Scott Disick in Ermanno Scerino


Beyonce VS. Adrienne Bailon in the Topshop Felt Tip Skirt

Like Fine Wine: Solange Edition

I mean… Beyonce is cool and all BUT everyone knows the real fashion icon and style holder begins and ends with Solange Knowles.  This is Solange a little over 2 years ago.  Loved her then, love her more now!  In honor of Throw Back Thursday, let’s look at Solange getting better with time, like FINE WINE!






Naomi Campbell for Vogue Australia May 2014 by Emma Summerton


Naomi proves that she can defy age! She makes an appearance in the May 2014 Vogue Australia issue and she looks classic.