Monday Words of Inspiration- “The Streets are Watching”

Back when I was the creative writer for 3 Minds, I was responsible for releasing the Monday Words of Inspiration. It was my chance to share some uplifting words to those who needed a Monday morning pick-me-up. After yesterday’s event, I decided it was time to start up again.


It doesn’t take much to inspire someone.  Inspiration doesn’t always have to take effort or will.  Simply living your life, for the good or bad, can inspire someone else who is watching your journey.  To inspire someone in a positive way is such a gift to your own well being.  Imagine someone you’ve never met before come to you and tell you that the things you do in your life, inspire them to make changes to their life.  God uses you at ALL times.  Whether you feel it or not, the streets are watching.  Everything you do is being observed by someone else.  Use that as an opportunity to inspire someone else!  From the simplest things like opting for a healthier breakfast to stepping out on faith to follow your dream, someone is watching you and getting inspired to do the same.

Today I vow to inspire.  Intentionally and unitentionally, I vow to inspire others through my choices, my mistakes, my life.

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