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Tall, great sense of humor, stunning, model, pizza-lover.  If you watched The Real World Explosion, that’s what you learned about roommate Arielle Scott, better known as Ari Fitz.  The Real World Explosion decided to revamp their usual formula and shake things up by adding the roomies ex-lovers to the show unbeknownst to them.  While the roomies fought with their exes, Ari and her ex remained civil.  If the couple did fight, it usually stemmed from Ari’s ex-girlfriend not being completely supportive of Ari’s more masculine style.


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Now that The Real World has wrapped, Ari has fully embraced her more androgynous style.  She uses her YouTube web-series TOMBOYISH to highlight her style, as well as others.  It is a great platform for those who are looking to explore androgyny or for those who feel they’re a little tomboyish.  I got the opportunity to pick Ari’s brain about fashion, style and TOMBOYISH of course!

How long have you been modeling?
I was signed last year (Jan 2013).
Via your instagram, I’ve noticed your style has changed since you’ve been on the show.  I feel that your style now was your style before but you toned it down for the show.  You did mention that you’re more into the androgynous look, and that is evident now that you’re no longer on The Real World. Being more “tomboyish” isn’t something we typically see on television.  When you add sexual preference to it (because face it, not every tomboy is homosexual), besides you and now Siya from Sisterhood of Hip Hop, reality TV hasn’t been exposed to the more tomboyish lesbian.  Did you think reality TV was ready for someone with your style? 
I think the world and reality TV is ready for it, and looking back on it I totally dropped the ball. I was definitely nervous about being judged about my style preferences then. The show was filmed over a year ago and I’m just now starting to feel comfortable with my androgyny. I kick myself now because I think it’s time that more people that look and dress like me expose others to their style, but that’s why I’m so passionate about TOMBOYISH. I guess… everything happens for a reason. 😉
 What would you define as your style? 
I struggle with this question so much because my style evolves almost daily. Lately I’ve gravitated towards the street goth look, but who knows how that will change tomorrow. That said, there’s a soft spot in my heart for unique creative takes on street wear.
That said, the inspiration behind featuring other people on TOMBOYISH is to give the range that exists within androgynous women’s wardrobes… not everyone wears street wear, not everyone is dapper, not everyone is punk, etc.
What are you MUST-HAVE fashion items?
My topman vegan leather jacket, privilege monkstrap shoes, loose light denim, leather duffel bag and my iPhone. 😀
What can we expect from you next?  Modeling? Acting?
I tell everyone I know I’m simply a storyteller whether in front of or behind the camera. Right now, I’m telling the story of androgynous style through TOMBOYISH on my YouTube channel and my focus is on doing as much as possible with this.
Outside of this, there are a ton of on-camera opportunities that continue to pop up… I’m just a little picky right now and want to make sure I take on opportunities that fit who I am.  When it comes to acting, I’ve realized I might have to create a role for myself.
Anymore reality TV gigs for you in the future? 
Not quite, reality TV is an interesting beast and it was a great platform for me to tell the world who I am. However, now there are so many other opportunities to tell great powerful stories that it’s just not on my radar right now.
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