The DollHaus Project

Growing up, I did not have many memories of dolls that looked like me.  When I did find a brown doll, she did not reflect my culture or features.  Her long straight hair and bright pink lips didn’t look like my mother, my sister or my friends.  I never realized the importance of having an accurate representation of yourself until I got much older.  Perhaps if we had dolls that looked like us while we were growing up, we would be more comfortable in our natural skin.  When you’re accustom to playing with a doll that does not share your shade, your hair texture and your features, does it have an affect on how you eventually grow to see yourself?   Maybe I’m reaching.  Maybe children don’t see color and they just want to play with their dolls.  Still, its great to be well represented in a world that is so diverse.

Saturday night I had the pleasure of supporting entrepreneur Toni Scott, owner of the Haus of Swag brand.  Toni introduced The DollHaus Project, a collection of fashionable, natural, permed, empowered, brown dolls.  Represented from the fairest skin to the richest chocolate complexion, each doll had their own unique style and personality.  Afros, straight hair, kink and coils, you name it, they had it.  Let’s not forget to mention the awesome fashion!  These little dollies were prepared to turn up!  From fringe thigh high boots to African print skirts, there was a doll there to represent everyone.

The DollHaus Project was the perfect space for me to bring you 20 year old sister to.  She lives in Virginia and wanted to spend her 21st birthday with her big sis.  For me, it’s so important for her to see positive women making something of themselves.  We live during a time where women are glorified for sex tapes, fighting on television and bad-mouthing each other to get ahead.  It is so important for her to see women who look like her supporting each other.  It actually does happen! Women can support women.  For that, I was appreciative to have such an amazing event, with an amazing message to bring her to.

The DollHaus Project had a diverse group of vendors!  I was able to chat it up with each one all while spending my rent money.  It was such a great time!  Take a look at Toni’s amazing doll collection and learn a little more about each vendor from the event.

The Dolls-

dolls_edited doll5_edited doll3_edited doll_edited doll2_edited

The Vendors

Brooklyn Flavors

If you’re attracted to rich scents then Brooklyn Flavors is a great store to visit!  Brooklyn Flavors sells handmade skin care products and soy candles.  All items are made with natural oils and butters.  After sampling all of the scents, I was immediately drawn to the smell of mango.  Named after neighborhoods in Brooklyn, I purchased the Church Ave. body spray.    Want to visit the Brooklyn Flavors store?

820 Washington Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11238



A Jypsy’s Junk

I’ve noticed more recently that my accessory choices have been very simple.  Always a button earring and a simple chain.  Every now and then I like to purchase statement pieces.  I visited A Jypsy’s Junk and fell head over heels with the entire collection.  The colors are bold, eclectic and festive.  If you’re looking for statement pieces, A Jypsy’s Junk is the accessory line for you.

Follow her on all social networking sites: @AJypsysJunk



Tracy Chambers Vintage

I absolutely love vintage pieces.  If you think about what fashion really is, its a bunch of clothes being re-introduced to the world.  I was immediately drawn to a suede black and red fringe jacket.  For $60, there was no way I was leaving the event without it.  If you’re a lover of classic pieces visit @TracyChambersvintage on Instagram!  You wont be disappointed!

vendor5_edited vendor5a_edited

Mlambo Designs

In the fashion world, the African print has been on trend for some time.  For others, African print is not a trend, but a staple in their wardrobe.  MlaMbo Designs offer amazing scarves, skirts, peplum belts, head wraps and more all in African prints.  I plan on putting in an order for a custom piece since she also does custom orders.  Follow @Mlambo_Designs on Instagram for more on their pieces and custom designs.


table6 table6_edited

Haus of Swag

What’s an event without an Haus of Swag table?  The uniquely sloganed (not a word but it works), empowerment t-shirts are perfect for the woman who “owns her FLY.”  I am huge fan of the brand.  It was only right that the dolls would be dressed in Haus of Swag Tee.  Follow the brand on instagram @HausofSwag

hausofswag1_edited hausofswag_edited

The Style Bar

D.I.D. Nail Paint

What girl doesn’t like her nails painted?  D.I.D. is a highly pigmented, Eco-friendly nail color collection that achieves full coverage in 1-2 coats.  Ladies were able le to stop by the D.I.D. station and get their nails done! Follow @GetYourNailsDid on Instagram and visit their website to purchase!


Lamik Beauty

As soon as you finished your manicure, you were able to stop by the Lamik Beauty table for a touch-up on your makeup.  Talk about pampering! My little sister was turning 21 at midnight so I encouraged her to stop by the table and get her face done.  With some eye shadow, blush and lipstick, they enhanced her beauty and helped her bring in 21 with a beat face!  For more on Lamik Beauty, follow @LamikBeauty on Instagram!




So after you finish your makeup, of course its time to get your hair done.  Imena Inc. was there to curl, braid and twist hair. I got to hear more about Imena Inc. and their membership program. When I heard this concept I thought it was genius.  Women everywhere make monthly appointments for their hair.  How would you feel knowing you could become a member to a hair salon.  For one visit per month, you pay $100.  For 2 appointments per month, you pay $190 and for a general membership, you receive a 10% discount.  Think of the money you’re saving!   For more on this awesome salon, follow @imenainc on Instagram.



Small Bites

Chef Elle-

The variety of food was great!  You can imagine after all that shopping, I worked up an appetite.  From Empanadas to Bacalao, my stomach was not disappointed!  For inquires on Chef Elle and her services, follow @Chef_elle on Instagram

chef elle_edited

IM Pastry Studio

Upon entry, I was greeted with pastries.  I’ve been trying to watch my weight for a few weeks now but there was no way I was going to turn down free cupcakes!  The pastry table presentation was adorable.  IM Pastry Studio was recently funded by Kickstarter.  This December, they will open the Custom Pastry Studio & Café in Prospect Park, Brooklyn.  Find out more by following @IMPastryStudio



The Goody Bag 

The goody bags were filled with amazing products!  Brands like Cantu, Beautiful Textures, Lamik, Shea Moisture, Imena and Eden were included.



Here are some photos from the event

sisters_edited My sisters




redcarpet6_edited menboutique_edited Myisha, of Mys Elegance Boutique

me n toni_edited Toni of Haus of Swag


The lovely Jenell Stewart


Me with NJ based Fashion Blogger, Kimsue and the owner of Mys Elegance Boutique, Myisha

panel_edited Toni hand-picked a diverse set of women for a panel discussion about “Owning your Fly.”  It is very humbling when someone finds you interesting enough to contribute to their vision!


Love seeing these lovely ladies at events!


Tessa- Better known as Afroista

solostand_edited Don’t judge us! We were inspired to recreate the Solange wedding picture.  Nothing like a bunch of women standing in strength together.redcarpet2_editedmarshbar_sig_trans

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