Fun times at Cocktails with Claire

   I had such a BLAST last Friday at the Cocktails With Claire meet up.  Tons of beautiful, inspirational women working towards achieving their goals.  Claire was very personable and made sure to speak to every person in the room.  It must be an overwhelming feeling to know that everyone in the room came out just to see you!  Claire and I chatted it up for a bit.  I reminded her that we met 2 times prior.  She didn’t remember, but promised that she would definitely remember me the next time we crossed paths.  We talked about how mean people can be on instagram when commenting on pictures and how necessary it is to have thick skin.  Claire said she got to the point where she doesn’t even look at the comments after she post a picture.  I made sure to remind her of how much she inspires young women like myself.  It is so important for me to see a face that looks like mine when I am working towards achieving my dreams.  It makes that dream more believable.

I managed to meet and network with a few women that proved to me that sisterhood does exist.  While standing online to get into the venue, I bonded with a group of girls over the fact that we were incredibly cold and uncomfortable standing outside in our heels.  We laughed, joked, exchanged business cards and when we got inside, we took photos together as if we knew each other for years.  Sisterhood in this industry is so important!  Women empowering Women.

Here are some flix from the night.  Enjoy!

Photo Credit: Kira Nacole



Claire and myself


Me and Tyrone




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