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There is something very intriguing about Christina Johnson.  We got to take a small peek into her life on the reality TV show, “Atlanta Exes.”  There, we were able to observe her very calm, genuine spirit.  The mother of three is more than just Cee-Lo’s ex wife, she is a business woman.  She is a God-fearing woman.  She is a friend.  She is a confident woman with an amazing sense of style!  You must have a unique style to attract a man like Cee-Lo!

I got the opportunity to chat it up with Christina and pick her brain about everything from her everyday must-have items to her insecurities and how she overcame them.

 You have a very unique sense of style.  You love to take fashion risks.  How would you define your style?

“Alternative.  Fashion Forward.  I like unique pieces, not the stereotypical stuff that people wear… I’m not really into labels.  I like thrift, or vintage stores.  I also like boutiques because they offer more original pieces.  I have fun (with fashion) and express myself through clothing and hair.”

How did you develop the confidence to wear what you want?

“I dressed different my whole life.  I had loccs for 13 years.  When I would walk down the street, people would stare at me.”  She accredited those stares to her being “different.”  Different. (sidebar: different is what people are called when they don’t understand someone’s personal form of self-expression.  I’m sure many people can identify with this… I know I do!).  “It’s all mental.  The sexiest thing you can wear is confidence.  I have Graves’ disease so my weight fluctuates.”  Graves’ Disease is an autoimmune disorder that affect the Thyroid gland.  Often times when the disease flares up the medication makes you gain weight.  “I’ve learned to embrace myself at any size.  Confidence is from the inside out.”

You have daughters.  Do they give you fashion advice? Have they ever discouraged you from wearing certain things? Do you guys share a similar style?

“My daughters love my style!  I think I rubbed off on them.  I’d never wear anything that would disrespect them or myself.  My daughters are supportive young women.  I’ve raised them to carry themselves well.”


Photo Credit: – Christina Johnson at Porsha Williams ‘Naked’ Lingerie Launch Party

The question caused Christina to reflect on Porsha Williams’ Lingerie Launch Party a few months prior.  She wore a sheer dress with lingerie underneath.  I interrupted her mid-sentence to let her know how AMAZING she looked.  She received a piece from a local boutique in ATL and decided that this event would be the perfect opportunity to wear it.  “In a setting where everyone would be dressed in lingerie, I felt comfortable wearing this.  I’d never wear anything to disrespect my girls… or Willy,” she said with a cute giggle.


 What are 3 things you can’t leave home without?

“My phone.  I don’t know what we did before cell phones! My Lipgloss or lipstick and my wallet.”



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 You are a hair chameleon!  What is your favorite hair style?

“I would have to say braids!  Its what I wear more often.  I recently got into units …”  Like most women, Christina gets bored with her hair and likes to switch it up every now and then.   “I can style my braids any way I like.  They allow me to be versatile.”

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The premise of MarshBar’s Closet is to highlight great style at an affordable price. Living in NYC, looking good can be expensive. It CAN be expensive but it doesn’t have to be. What is your idea of affordable fashion?

“I’m not really into labels.  I like to go thrifting to stand out.  At the end of every month on Wednesdays I like to go to a place called Value Village with my wardrobe stylist and we pick out the unique pieces.  I’m not really into diamonds either, I’m a big costume jewelry girl.”  Oddly enough, a woman with such style doesn’t enjoy shopping!  “I don’t really like to go shopping.  I have a wardrobe stylist so I usually tell him what I want and he gets it for me.”  She also enjoys collecting pieces from exclusive boutiques.

“I don’t feel like you have to spend a lot of money to look good.  I rather make sure my family and friends are taken care of.”

 What fashion trend do you wish would disappear?

Anyone who knows me, knows my utter disgust for kitten heels.  I shared that with Christina who then added leggings.  “I don’t like leggings.  I don’t know if its because we wore them so much in the 80’s, but I don’t like them.”

 Every Monday, MarshBar’s Closet has the “Monday Words of Inspiration.” On Instagram your post are very uplifting.   What words of inspiration would you offer younger women of the current generation?

“Love yourself.  It’s important for women to learn that early on.”  Like many other women, Christina didn’t learn that at a young age.  She taught herself about self-love and acceptance.  “You have to learn to love and respect yourself so that you won’t allow abuse or disrespect.  I instilled in my girls at a very early age the importance of loving yourself.  You have to teach people how to treat you.”

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 We all struggle with insecurities. I am learning now that in order for women to have a sense of self, we have to embrace those insecurities. Do you have any insecurities? How do you embrace them?

“I am a very spiritual person… I speak life over the insecurity rather than embracing it.  I say affirmations every morning.”  When you grow up being referred to as “different” and as a result you teach yourself about loving who you are, you learn a thing or two about facing your insecurities.  Affirming your beauty, your strength, your place in this world can work wonders in developing a strong sense of self.

Lastly, what’s next for you?

“Well, besides the show, I having been working on a makeup line with celebrity makeup artist Toni Acey called Butterfly EFXThe line includes lipsticks, lip glosses and lip tattoos.  I wore the lip tattoos for the last episode of Atlanta Exes.  I’ve done interior design for years.  I have my company InnerPiece Designs.  I’ve worked with artist like Ludacris, Young Geezy and tons of Athletes.”  Still, Christina’s plate has room for more.  Getting in touch for what she feels is a true calling, she has partnered up with Andrea Kelly of “Hollywood Exes” to launch  Womanocity is an online forum that is geared towards women empowerment.  “It’s a site that helps women live their best lives.  I think that’s my calling, to help women live their best lives.”

Christina Johnson defines the modern woman.  The grandmother of two (black don’t crack!) portrays a much needed positive role in a world that revolves around reality TV and celebrity drama.  You can be successful, black and respected.  You don’t have to spend all of your money on labels.  You don’t have to look like everyone else.  It is okay to be “different.”


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