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Tiffanie Garrett wears many hats.  The makeup artist, nail technician and hair stylist has just embarked on a new business venture.  Harmless by rdlc is a new lipstick line with vibrant colors and smooth texture.  I had the opportunity to privately test Tiffanie’s line and I was completely impressed by the quality of her product.  For kicks and giggles, Tiffanie painted my face and we had a mini photo shoot.  I used that time as an opportunity to learn more about the Lips and Lashes Launch.

Here are some of the looks we did using the Harmless by rdlc lipstick and the B Pretty Lashes.

b4 afterFresh face vs Beat face

makeupTiffanie painting her canvas for the day

look 1Sittin pretty in the “Flawless” Lipstick color

look 2 grrI fell in love with the lipstick shade “No Type”

look 2

look 3 After wrapping up the shoot, I decided to take a selfie of myself in the “Come & Talk to Me” lipstick

me and tif

After the face was beat, and the photos were taken, Tiffanie and I sat down to discuss her new line and the inspiration behind it.

What is your inspiration behind your lipstick line?

I’m inspired by the smile on a client’s face knowing that they can wear something that they would never wear before. I like being unique so I can’t say I really follow to many trends…just so happens I’m always in the loop with the colors I chose to present at the time I present them. My surroundings or whatever catches my eye helps me to determine the next color I make.

The colors your line carries are very vibrant! When do you realize you’ve made the color that you love?

I know I’ve made the perfect color based on the texture, and tone.  For example when I made “No Type” (the gray lipstick) I knew I wanted a soft gray but one that had a violet overtone so that on certain skin tones it looks more purple or blue. So I added more blue pigments then red.

Tell me more about the eyelashes line.

The eyelash line was created by Bianca Williams and it’s called B. Pretty Lashes. I absolutely love them. They are very durable and so light you can forget you have them on at times. That’s what I like about them the most. 

What caused the collaboration?

After attending Bianca’s launch party I fell in love with her product and as a Makeup Artist lashes are a big deal in some looks. I have a lot of clients that wouldn’t wear lashes because of the weight and how it irritated their eyes. When I recommended the B pretty lashes, they loved it.  Some people just wear my lipsticks and her lashes so I thought it would be cool to put something together. In the midst of reaching out to her about it she was also reaching out to me.  Great minds think a like. We did a small event together and it was very successful so it took off from there. 

Where can people find your line?

 Currently my products can be found at all my events of course.  If you want to book a Lips & Lashes party I can be reached at (315)760-4273  or I can be contacted via Instagram @harmless_by_rdlc and I have a website My online store will be releasing March 20, 2015. At that time, clients can order items online.  I am currently speaking with a few boutiques/Salons to put the products at certain locations.

What is something most people don’t know about you?

Well I’m lots of fun. I think the fun fact I’ve learned about myself is that whenever I do makeup on a client my nose starts to run.  It’s more of a disgusting fact but every single time I’ve done someone’s makeup I have had that problem. I don’t know why but it always happens.   Believe it or not, I don’t like to wear makeup. Being a makeup artist people expect you to indulge in products and wear layers of makeup all day everyday. That’s not me. I’m a simple girl.  However I know how to turn it up when necessary so you will definitely catch me with a bold smokey eye or a vibrant lip. 


To celebrate the collaboration between B Pretty Lashes and Harmless by rdlc, Tiffanie is having a launch party this Friday, February 6th.  The launch will have tons of great vendors, including B Pretty Lashes and the Harmless lipstick line.  Tickets are just $10 if you purchase NOW! $15 at the door. Food sponsored by The Reggae Chefs.  This is a launch you don’t want to miss!  Lips & Lashes is sponsored by El Anderson Photography and Hosted by Mashanna Bailey.

Take a look at the photos from our mini shoot!  Visit HERE, HERE and HERE for outfit details!

me3 plaid3 selfie


Special thank you to El Anderson Photography


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