Girl Talk with Alexandria Rice of the Bad Girls Club

Alexandria Rice.  You may know her from the 12th season of The Bad Girl’s Club.  She was affectionately named “Slim” due to her tall, model-esque figure.  The show portrayed her as a woman who was more concerned with her modeling career than petty fights and arguments.  This attitude often caused a lot of grief for her.  Slim’s lack of interest in trivial drama lead to her leaving the show earlier than the other girls in the house.

What has Slim been up to since the wrap of the show? The Wisconsin native is currently living in NYC and actively pursing her modeling career, something she takes very serious.  When I approached her about teaming up with me to do a photo shoot/interview, she enthusiastically accepted the offer.


What you definitely didn’t see from the BGC season 12 show was Slim’s sense of humor.  The 5 foot 10 vixen is very light-hearted and full of jokes.  While getting her makeup done, she sat and laughed it up with photographer and crew.  Definitely made for an amazing shoot.  As she got dressed for each look, she’d snap a photo of herself and post them to Instagram.  With her new found celebrity comes lot’s of backlash for what the model posts to her social media accounts.  Some of her followers leave disapproving comments.  Some call her names.  Some tag unnecessary people in her post.  One thing is clear, this beautiful face is hated on by many.  I began to wonder how these things made her feel.  “It used to hurt my feelings at first, but now I just ignore it.  It bother’s me because my family has to see this and they don’t deserve that.  My mom doesn’t deserve to see me being called a whore.  It hurts her.”  A part of the shoot involved Slim in a sheer top.  She instagramed a photo that said “#FreetheNipple.”  Some fans didn’t take too lightly to that.  They began to call her every name under the sun.  If you think she doesn’t read your comments, know that she does! How can you not.  She made sure to clarify with her next post, “I’m FUCKING working!” and that she was! For as much people who disapproved of the post, many supported it. We live in a world where nipples are not taboo.  Models are directed.  They do as they’re told.  “Other people dress me, that’s their job.  My job is just to show up,” Slim stated.  Slim is definitely a model.  Even in candids, without her looking at the camera or even when being unaware of the camera, she is stunning.  She is beautiful and she knows it.  After wrapping up an amazing shoot, Slim and I sat down for a little girl talk.


MBC: What is your idea of affordable fashion?

“I don’t shop at all.  A Lot of my friends are designers so people will create something with me in mind and I’ll just get stuff in the mailbox.  Other than that, I wear sweatpants every day of my life.”


MBC: Who is your favorite designer? 

Giuseppe. Personally, I have a designer back home.  His name is Leevan and I love him.  His line is called Sebastian and Khole, its couture.  I don’t know it fits perfectly, every time!

MBC: When did you realize you wanted to become a model?

  “I didn’t.  I was three when I had my first photo shoot and I’ve been modeling ever since.”


MBC: What are 3 things you can’t leave home without?

“This is going to sound really stupid but both my puppies and a Sprite is what I leave my house with. Or a Caprisun because I’m childish.”  She giggles and rethinks her answer.  “My cellphone, my eyebrows done and my lipstick.  I always have my eyebrows done.”


MBC: On Bad Girls Club you had a distinct style.  You could tell you weren’t trying to be something that you’re not.  How would you define your style?

“Whatever I could throw together that people won’t yell at me when I try to leave the house.  So like, with the girls in the house, if I could get away with it and no one said anything, I’d wear it.  But if someone were to be like, ‘Okay, you might want to change your top,’ I would change my top.  I try to be as effortless as possible because I don’t like putting work into getting dressed.”


MBC: What is the must have item in your closet?

“I have 3. Red pumps, high- waist jeans and wife beaters.”

MBC: Where do you see yourself going?

“Bad Girl gone Prada? I don’t know.  I see myself walking in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show either this year or next year.  Landing a campaign for a designer I chase after or that approaches me.  Umm.. I definitely want to go after my favorite brands.  That’s my goal for this year is to attack my favorite brands and get in good there.”



Photography by: Stephon Hubbard

Makeup by: Camille Mattem

Clothing Designer: Kira Nacole

Styled by: Marsha B (me )


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