Kanye West x Adidas Collection

Kanye debuted his line with Adidas on Thursday night followed by one of the biggest concerts ever.  There are plenty of opinions floating around about his line.  Some don’t really understand it.  Other’s think it is genius.  Regardless of what side you’re on, one thing is for sure, Kanye West has been vindicated! He has finally be allowed to show the world his vision.  Take a look at the collection below.


ye340ye43 ye41 ye40

ye38 ye39 ye37 ye36


 ye34 ye33 ye32 ye31ye30 ye29 ye28 ye27ye26 ye25 ye24 ye22ye21 ye20 ye19 ye18

ye17 ye16 ye15 ye14

ye13 ye12 ye11 ye10

ye9 ye8 ye7 ye6

ye5 ye4 ye3 ye2

ye1 marshbar_sig_trans

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