L’accent Collection

The L’accent collection is incredibly romantic.  Reminiscent of the 1940’s, the line is accessorized with beautiful hats straight out of England and hem lines that fall below the knee.  This collection defines vintage.  Beautiful lace and satin gloves, big broaches and two-piece suits bring you back to a time when sexy was not defined by skin but by elegance.  There is no modern twist to this collection and I absolutely love that.  There are no pants, culottes or mini skirts.

My Favorites:

The green dress.  While the fabric reminds me of the 80’s, the cut of the dress along with hat and gloves makes for a perfect ensemble.

The Satin Floral Dress.  This dress defines femininity.  The floral pattern is vibrant and the dress hugs the body in all the right places.

All Black.  The black caped dress gives a very elegant, “rich” look.


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