Girl Talk with Sabrina Servance

If you’re a Lifetime TV junkie like myself, then you’ve come across the new reality TV series, “Big Women, Big Love.”  The series documents 5 plus size women and their dating woes.  The journey that these women go on leads to self-discovery, confidence building and ultimately finding love or conquering the idea that you can’t find love because you’re a plus size woman.

Breakout star, Sabrina Servance owns her curves.  Her quirky attitude is highlighted in her sense of fashion.  The visual specialist and wardrobe stylist has been into fashion for years.  She definitely has an eye for fashion and knows what works for her body.  That confidence in herself is what got her signed to Bicoastal Management Modeling Agency.  I got the opportunity to chat it up with Sabrina for some girl talk.  Check out our exclusive interview!


  How did you stumble upon the Big Women, Big Love opportunity?

 I had just gotten my heart broken by someone I really liked last January. I went on a vicious Twitter rant and someone who was interested in me previously saw it! He sent me the casting and said “This sounds like you!”And after reading the application, I knew it was the perfect for me.

 As a curvy girl, how did you learn to embrace your size?    

 It took me a long time to my embrace my size. I woke up one day and realized that I wasted so much time listening to the vicious words of other people and not believing in myself.  From that day on I chose to ignore the hate. I chose to love myself and what I looked like. I didn’t put this body on! It’s always there! Why not love her likes she’s fabulous?


 You recently signed to a modeling agency, what has that experience been like?

 It has been insane. I have wanted to be a plus sized model since I was a teenager. I’ve gone to so many castings and tried out for so many things and failed. And it feels so good to finally feel like I’m making it. I cry a little after every photo shoot. I feel so beautiful and so proud of myself. A feeling I wasn’t sure I’d ever get to have growing up.

 How would you describe your personal style?

 My style is eclectic. One day I’m giving you boho, another I’m feeling preppy. I pretty much wear any color and any print. I live for fashion.


What are 3 things you cannot leave the house without?

 I can’t leave the house without Vaseline (I haven’t jumped on the Esos bandwagon yet), Aviators, and my favorite piano purse.

 How would you like to see the world of fashion change for the average plus size woman?

 I would love for fashion for plus size women to focus more on what looks great on us and every silhouette vs brands who pretty much take clothes for smaller women and trying to expand it to plus sizes. Not every style works for us! I also think on the flip size that more brands do need to carry plus sizes. We love to shop and are always looking for something amazing. It shouldn’t be such a struggle. Sometimes it’s like when something goes on sale at H&M and you see every girl in Manhattan wearing it. We don’t all want to look the same either! I wish companies would find the balance!


What’s next for you?

 I’m doing a few photo shoots.  Lots of traveling! I’m going to Orlando to do a styling workshop with blogger/model Essie Golden for Curve Nation. I’m also going to be speaking on a panel for an event called Beyond the Fashion: A PLUS Town Hall Meeting. And I’m going to be speaking at different schools. Talking to children about how I gained my self esteem. I’m also going to start my You Tube channel and get back into comedy. I miss doing improv!



Any fun/interesting facts about you.

 I love musicals and I know how to sing, even though I would never want to be a recording artist. I just love musical theater.  I also love to do laundry and organize. Especially when I’m stressed.  I still drink Fruit Punch Four Loko.  I know it’s terrible for me but it’s the only crappy thing I hold onto in my diet.

 sba n me2


Makeup by Tiffanie G.

Photos by Elvira Anderson

Styled by Sabrina Sevance


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