Repeat Offender

I won’t lie, I absolutely HATE repeating outfits.  If you saw me in it already, where is the “wow” factor? But let’s be honest, who has money to buy a new outfit for EVERY SINGLE EVENT?  I don’t know about you, but I haven’t made it to the level where I can wear something once and throw it in the, “been there, wore that” pile.  Last week I had tons of events and not enough outfits.  I really wasn’t into the idea of being a repeat offender but I had no other choice.

On Monday I attended the Stella McCartney Spring 2016 presentation.  While scrambling to find something to wear, I decided it was time to recycle my 2-piece contrast set from Asos.  I first wore the set during NYFW.  This time around, I ditched the blazer and traded my green pumps for open-toe sandals.

How I wore it then…


How I wore it Monday…

MarshBar's Closet with Alicia Keys at the Stella McCartney Spring 2016 Presentation


On Friday I attended my good friend’s birthday party.  Once again, I drew blanks on what to wear.  After tearing my closet upside down for about 2 days, I came across a beige dress from H&M that I wore last year at Yandy Smith’s ‘Girls Night Out’ event.

How I wore it then…


How I wore it Friday..



Sorry for the poor photo quality!

Lastly, I decided to take things a bit overboard and wear my H&M midi skirt 3 times!  ::gasps:: I know, I know… With simple pieces like this, it’s okay to repeat every now and then.  The first time I wore it, I opted for a simple white sleeveless crop top and black and white sandals.  The second time, I wore a black crop top with Leopard booties.  When I wore it on Monday evening, I went with a pair of floral platform sandals and a short sleeve crop top.

Here’s how I wore it first…


Here’s how I wore it second…


Here’s how I wore it Monday..




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