Girl Talk with Claire Sulmers

“To be inspired is great, to inspire is incredible.”

If you’re a lover of fashion and style, then you’re familiar with Claire Sulmers, owner of Fashion Bomb Daily.  Up and running since 2006, Fashion Bomb Daily is the go-to source for celebrity style, fashion news and trending items.  While I’m sure she didn’t sign up for the role, Claire serves as an inspiration to brown girls everywhere.  For those with an entrepreneurial spirit, watching her grow and branch out is like watching your favorite musician top the charts.  In an industry that is saturated with Caucasian bloggers, Claire shows us that there is room for us aspiring brown bloggers.  Still, with all of her success she remains humble and accessible to those who are inspired by her.  Her brand has provided a platform for up and coming fashion bloggers, designers, boutique owners and stylnistas by promoting them on her site and various social media channels.   Her monthly No Basics Brunch series allows you the opportunity to get up, close and personal with the style maven.

Claire encounters tons of Fashion Bomb Daily supporters daily.  The blog has become a household name.  From being featured on Fox 5 to breaking 50 in Signature 9’s top 99 Influential Style Blogs at number 43, not to mention being named Blogger of the moment by Teen Vogue, Claire’s long list of achievements always leave me inspired.

I got the chance to chat it up with Claire to learn more about her personal style and fashion must-haves.  Check out the interview below!

 What would you say the difference between style and fashion is?
Fashion is dictated, style is personal.
How would you define your style?
  Classic and preppy with a girly, glam twist.
What is the most cherished item in your closet?
It’s so hard to choose! I’d say my Céline degrade sunglasses. They are classics, yet unique. Rare, and I purchased them in Paris. I’ve also feared losing them several times, but they’re always with me. They’re my old faithful shades.

Claire sporting her favorite Celine sunnies

What are 3 things you can’t leave home without?
My IPhone, lipstick, sunglasses.
The premise of MarshBar’s Closet is to highlight great style at an affordable price.  Living in NYC, looking good can be expensive.  It CAN be expensive but it doesn’t have to be.  What is your idea of affordable fashion?
I love Topshop and Zara. Both have well constructed garments for reasonable prices.

Claire pictured in Zara cape dress

FBD is the go-to site for all things fashion.  How does it feel to see all that you’ve achieved and the influence you have over aspiring fashion bloggers?
It’s interesting because I never really feel all that successful.  I’m not sure what I’ll have to achieve to feel as if I’ve arrived, but perhaps it’s my constant pursuit of bigger and greater goals that fuels me forward.
What fashion trend do you wish would disappear?  For example, I despise kitten heels.  As someone who stands 5 feet tall, I have no time for fake heels!  What trends would you eliminate if you could?
Leggings worn as pants outside the house.
What is one thing the public doesn’t know about you?
Not sure, I share pretty openly. And what I want the public to know is what they already know! But perhaps that I speak French fluently; majored in French and lived there (France) for two years. I credit Paris as the birthplace of my career in fashion.
Photo Credit for all photos Fashion Bomb Daily | The Bomb Life
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