On the Scene: The Queen Series

Saturday I attended the first annual Queens Series presented by Jessica- Nefertiti, D. Wil and Sapodilla.  Three very powerful, unique souls united under the idea of empowering other women.  For their first event, the turn out was beyond amazing.  The room filled quickly with pre-teens to women in their 60’s, all eager to absorb the words of the young visionaries for the next 4 hours.  The series began with affirmations recited by Jessica.  “I am Light, I am Love, I am Peace, I am Gifted, I am Woman, I will have my sister’s back…”  We closed our eyes and silently affirmed our truths.

A consensus among the women was that there was always a lack of confidence and self-love in the years prior.  The ladies reflect on how difficult it was for them to acknowledge the beauty in other women without recognizing the lack in themselves.  It wasn’t until they individually learned to love themselves, that they were able to acknowledge the beauty in others.  There is power in complimenting another woman with a spirit of love and appreciation.  As an icebreaker, each attendee was instructed to find a woman in the room that they do not know, and compliment them for 1 minute.  This exercise probed us to get out of our comfort zone and focus on uplifting someone else.  POWERFUL!

As a 30-something year old, I was (am) extremely inspired by these women.  To be so sure of yourself at such a young age is amazing.  To strive for change and to make actions towards those changes you want to see leaves me so inspired.  There is such a negative depiction of black women in today’s world.  We’re called angry, ugly, ghetto, uneducated etc.  These women, (The Queen Collective, the vendors, the attendees and guest speakers) define what it means to be visionaries.  Starting businesses, empowering women and sharing your journey towards self love, is more of what we should be recognized for.  Let’s make it our personal mission to keep these images of ourselves in the forefront while we continue to tear down the image that has been created for us.

Meet the women of The Queen Collective


Saphodilla, D Wil, Jessica

D Wil- The Fearless Queen

Co Founder of StrippedbyHD.com, A blog that highlights beauty, style and fashion. Brand Manager of clothing line Navoir and Editor for OurBKsocial.com


“I rather say I tried something and failed than to never try at all.” D Wil

Jessica- The Unconventional Queen

Owner of QueenThing.com, yogi and affirmation queen


“We are not in competition, we are all in different lanes.” – Jessica

Sapodilla- The Transparent Queen

Currently in the process of self-publishing her first book


I’ve made it. It’s okay to celebrate myself.” -Sapodilla

The series continued with 2 guest speakers who spoke about their journey to achieving self-love.  Both women agree that self-love is a never-ending process and they’re on a continuous road to self-discovery.  Keisha Charmaine presented first and Ieasha Tiffany presented last.  Here are some highlights from their speeches.

Keisha Charmaine- Owner of Love Light & Locs


Keisha Charmaine is a natural hair vlogger and the CEO/Founder of Love Light and Locs.  Keisha speaks about the importance of affirmations and learning how to love herself and her hair.  Unfortunately, we live in a society where our kind of beautiful is under represented.  Darker skin isn’t always appreciated in the entertainment world which trickles down to our community.  Keisha often felt that if her skin was lighter like her mother’s, she would be more acceptable as a model/actress.  Black women aren’t seeing the beauty within themselves despite other women copying our features and our style. Recognizing the beauty we all own is important.  Learning to affirm that beauty contributes to accepting yourself.  Keisha affirms her power, love and beauty each day.  “I am well,” is what she speaks from her souls.  To me, that translates to, ‘In all areas of my life, I am well.”  The brown beauty has embraced everything from her skin and hair to her potential as an actress.  Today she is the proud founder of Love Light and Locs, a handmade jewelry line for locs.  She also highlights her hair journey on her Youtube channel, Overxposedkc91

Ieasha Tiffany- Therapist, Wardrobe Stylist and Philanthopist


At the tender age of 21, Ieasha received her Master’s degree from NYU in Social Work.  She describes herself as, “someone who is really, really bad at staying in the lines.”  The impulsive beauty picked up and traveled across the world to Uganda to counsel young girls in Africa.  From HIV/AIDS counseling to self esteem building, Ieasha left an impression on the young women of Uganda.  She describes her experience in Uganda as a humbling one.  Sitting on the floor to eat, living without electricity at times, bare faced and no access to the outside world, Ieasha was able to really understand what’s important in life.  When asked about her journey to self-love, she reminded us that the road is never ending.  At 23, that road shouldn’t come to an end.  There are always new things to discover about yourself.  Her time spent in Uganda seemed to be life changing.  Learning to appreciate the smaller things in life as well as the skin you’re in in a lesson in itself!

Meet the Vendors

RAW handbags

I am obsessed with handbags so of course I was immediately drawn to RAW handbags.  RAW stands for Recognizing a Woman.  Each handbag is sold with a small card inside that affirms our strengths as a woman.  With such great service, designs and business ethic, it’s surprising to know that RAW has only been around for 5 months!  They have a promising future ahead of them.  Check out the clutch I purchased below! Visit her site HERE





NUS is an all natural lipstick/lipgloss line that is fully capitalizing off of the idea of health and wellness.  The vibrant colors are mixed with various oils that will keep your lips fully moisturized.  I purchased a lipstick that I can’t wait to try!  For more information on NUS (Never Underestimate Simple) check out their website HERE

QSNus2 QSNus1

Touch of a Queen

Touch of a Queen is a line with unique accessories and African Head wraps.  The beautiful wraps come in 2 collections.  The Obabirin Collection is a line filled with rich, vibrant colors fit for royalty.  Obabirin translates to “female King” in the Yoruba language.  The Omoge Collection is your more standard African wrap with the more “traditional” African prints.  Omoge means “Beautiful Lady.”  For more on the wraps and accessories go HERE

qSTouchaqueen1 QSTouchaqueen


Navoir is a clothing line that encourages life without limits.  The brand is a lifestyle, not just a clothing line.  Influenced by art, love, fashion, music and people, Navoir uses the line to empower our greatness.  For more on the brand visit them HERE


The Keith Collection

The Keith collection is a series of art pieces that are hand crafted by Keith Reefer.  He specializes in creating custom pieces to your liking.  For your custom piece, email Keith Reefer at TheKeithCollection@gmail.com

QSKeith QSKeith1

Love Light & Locs

As mentioned above, Keisha Charmaine is the founder and CEO of Love Light & Locs, a handmade jewelry line.  For ladies with locs, you can accessorize your hair with jewels made to fit your hair.  Keisha also provides tutorials on different hair styles and loc maintenance.  To make your purchase, please visit her HERE

QSKeisha3 QSKeisha2

Akosua Dardaine Edwards

Trinidadian author Akosua Edwards explores the journey to self love in her book titled, “What did I Learn Today? Lessons on the Journey to Unconditional Self Love.”  The endless journey is one that we all travel at some point in our lives.  Her book highlights ways to continuously recognized and rediscover the Queen within you.  Visit her site HERE and while you’re at it, look into her other book, “Why are You Here?”


Omoyeni Jewelry

Omoyeni is a handmade beaded jewelry line that consist of necklaces, bracelets, earrings and headdresses.  The inspiration behind the line comes from Omoyeni’s Nigerian heritage and love for fashion.  To see more of Omoyeni’s beautiful designs, visit her HERE


Here are some more pictures from the rest of the eventful afternoon


Brianna V. blessed the stage with an amazing poem that brough tears to my eyes. Please follow her on instagram to learn about future performances. @Bsuperhuman

Photo Credit- Eshama J Photography



Songstress Oya Noire showing off her beautiful necklace won during the raffle! This beauty has an amazing voice and blessed up with a performance. Follow her instagram @OyaNoire


The lovely ladies of The Queen Collective and the moderator for the Afternoon, Hia Endeshia


Jessica, D Wil, Sapodilla


Last but not least, I had the pleasure of attending The Queen Series with my QUEENS!  Always a good time with these ladies!


Jessica, Kira, Myself


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