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Young, successful, ambitious and sassy are just some of the adjectives that come to mind when I think of the Dymes Only brand.  The entrepreneurs have come together to produce a sporty-chic, urban clothing line for the ladies; Dymes Only.  With a name like that, there’s a high expectation of the lady that wears the brand.  A Dymes Only girl should have some style, some edge and lots confidence.  The street wear brand has been spotted on celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Angela Simmons and of course Ashanti.  Ashanti, sister to one of the Dymes, has supported the brand but it is their resilience that has kept them on the surface.  Their determination, drive and entrepreneurial spirit has gotten them to where they are today.  MarshBar’s Closet sits down with the Dymes Only girls to hear about how they began, Ashanti as an influence and their future endeavors.

Dymes Only was birthed through the giving of custom garments to guest of the Presidential Radio show you once hosted. What was the response you got from people who received the custom clothes and is that what inspired you to create your own line?

Our Brand Dymes Only kind of organically happened by accident, after years of curating Charity and social events our lifestyle, and friendship is what inspired us to create our own line.

I think our guests on our presidential radio showed really loved our custom pieces, because they were so raw, unique, authentic and ahead of the trend at the time. We really tried to identify with that persons character and show that through the custom pieces.  Misa Hylton still wears her custom ‘The Architect’ piece to this day.

Miley Cyrus is a huge fan of the Dymes Only brand. She’s been seen out in your line. How does that make you feel knowing one of the biggest pop-stars owns your clothes?


When we saw Miley in our Lil Kim “hardcore” piece we were excited.  It was like a staple for the brand, for us, and in that moment how far we’ve come.  Unfortunately in our society regardless of your talent in order to get respect in this industry or any industry you need that co sign, this moment was one of those co signs that put our brand on to a broader audience.

 How did the ladies behind the brand meet?


Photo Credit-Instagram/DymesOnly

 We have all been friends for over 10 years now, we met in Elementary / Jr high school.

Shia, your sister is one of the most well-known musicians around. She definitely supports her little sis by rockin’ the Dymes Only brand. Has she helped grow your already existing fan base?


Photo Credit- Instagram/Ashanti

My sister has definitely helped our brand grow simply by her being so supportive of us, but that’s natural she supports anything we do. We support each other. I think she enjoys seeing us doing so much on our own she appreciates and respects me as an individual co creating a brand.

What inspires you when it comes to your designs?

We are inspired by everything but if I had to pick one thing I would say our friendship/relationship with each other inspires our designs, whether it be our conversations about movies, music, art, politics current events or fashion trends most of our ideas stem from our raw energy and conversations with each other.


Photo Credit: Instagram/AngelaSimmons

February of 2015 you had your presentation for the Dymes Only Presidential line. What was that like?

 Our February Fashion presentation During Fashion week was probably our best event to date in terms of creativity. Ironically was also one of our most HECTIC events ever! We were finalizing furniture rentals, invites, etc. literally two days before the show.

Individually, do you have similar or different styles? Does that conflict with design ideas?


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Each of us have different styles so sometimes we do conflict with the style, fit and cut of certain pieces but what we TRY to do is infuse all three of our styles into our brand and offer a variety since one woman’s style isn’t necessarily like the next. And when that doesn’t work we vote. 2 to 1 wins lol.

 What’s next for the brand?

The Next thing for Dymes Only is to go on a Nationwide then International tour where we can connect with our Dymes, more events pop up shops so we can interact with the people and eventually merge into other lifestyle collaborations and open a store base.


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