On the Scene: Kira Nacole, The Unequivocal Beauty Fall Fashion Show

KWEN/Queen: The Unequivocal Beauty Fall Fashion Show debuted down the Suede Restaurant runway on Sunday, September 20th.  Ten diverse, beautiful models dressed themselves in the latest collection by Kira Nacole.  The collection represents a united front.  Individually, each piece stands strong; together, the entire collection is powerful.  Kira reflected on personal friendships while creating this line.  Knowing the inspiration behind each piece gave garments a unique significance.

The colorful collection is filled with matching sets, mixed prints and feathers.  Kira was sure to include her signature sunflower skirts in different patterns.  The designer rarely makes pants so it’s presence on the runway was surprising and refreshing!  Take a look at the collection below.  What are your favorite pieces?

IMG_0234-29  model2

IMG_0237-27IMG_0245-24 rita rita2

IMG_0256-23 IMG_0251-24   IMG_0223-31 IMG_0219-33  IMG_0215-31  IMG_0192-35 IMG_0185-30  IMG_0179-32 IMG_0176-35 IMG_0172-38  IMG_0165-38 IMG_0164-37

Ton’s of people came out to support the collection.  Check them out on the red carpet!


Photos by: Stephon Hubbard

Makeup by: Lacey Watson, Kerry Ann Walters, Teneal

Hair by: Talibah Stewart and assistant


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