Balenciaga previews Chinese slippers for SS16

Saturday, October 3rd Balenciaga debuted their Spring Summer 2016 collection for Paris Fashion Week. Among the all-white collection, were a pair of embroidered flat mules inspired by classic bedroom slippers.  Sounds trendy right?  Balenciaga’s flat mules have a striking resemblance to Chinese slippers, worn in the 2000’s.  The mesh, beaded sandals were named one of the 28 iconic trends of the early 2000’s by Buzzfeed.  Chinese slippers retailed for 1-3 dollars and were often sold on the street.  They became the uniformed foot wear for comfort and style.  Because of the affordable price, most people had an assortment of colors.  Have a hot pink shirt?  Pair it with your hot pink Chinese slippers.  The popular mesh sandals were around for a few years before they faded into the closet of fashionable has-beens, until now.  Balenciaga has reintroduced the sandals, renamed them and hiked the price a few thousand dollars.


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Fashion always repeats itself.  Currently, we are reliving the 70’s era of fashion with wide-leg pants and floral prints.  Still, it is very surprising when a high-end designer recreates an urban trend and renames it as a new item.  There is no doubt that the embroidered flat mules were inspired by the Chinese slippers trend. Get ready to see Rihanna and Rita Ora sporting mesh mules this spring.  When the time comes, be prepared for a very simple ‘Looks for Less’ post!

balenciaga chinese slippers


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