Countdown to Balmain x H&M

It’s officially Balmain week.  The H&M x Balmain collaboration is one of the most anticipated lines to come out.  On Thursday, November 5th, stores will open to lines of fashion lovers ready to indulge on some exclusive, high-end pieces from the 94 item collection.  Funnily enough, a friend texted me yesterday to ask if I was going to be purchasing anything from H&M on Thursday.  While it is an amazing collection, I will not be purchasing.  The mission of MarshBar’s Closet is to bring you affordable fashion finds.  In essence, the collection is affordable when you’re comparing a $500 dress to a Balmain original that costs $2000.  For me, $500 for a dress is not practical.  BUT, what’s affordable for me, isn’t necessarily affordable for someone else and vice versa.  I also rambled on about these collaborations having a short shelf life in a previous post.  I want to avoid having a ‘Bitch stole my look’ moment by going to events for the next 3 months and seeing people in the same Balmain I’m wearing or another variation of it.  In any case, take a look at the collection.  These are the highlights of the line.  What do you think?  Will you be purchasing?

Leather Jacket with Embroidery $549

Leather Jacket with Embroidery $549


HM Balmain guideline MarshBars Closet


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