Girl Talk with Nicole Shante

Who better to design for a woman than another woman?  When we target our favorite designers, we look for someone that can embody our style and our personality.  Los Angeles designer Nicole Shante is capable of highlighting both with her colorful, glamorous ready-to-wear collection.  Nicole Shante strays from the typical spandex bodycon dress and offers clothing of substance.  Her line is evidence that you can still be and feel sexy is loose fitting clothing.  Her latest collection features bold colors and soft silhouettes for women.  Inspired by the 70’s, Nicole honors women with her Spring/Summer 2016 collection by showing that you can be sexy in clothes that aren’t revealing or skin-tight.  If you’re looking for looks to inspire your Spring/Summer wardrobe then you’re in the right place!  Grab a drink, get your favorite snack and catch up on some girl talk with designer Nicole Shante as we discuss her being a bicoastal designer, her latest collection and her words of inspiration.

You launched your first collection in 2009. Here we are in 2015 and you’ve successfully debuted your Spring/Summer 2016 collection. How does it feel to see how far you’ve come?

It feels amazing to see the growth of my line and watch my dream develop from an idea to an actual business. I’m definitely a believer of you can do whatever you set your mind to.

Your design esthetic is very distinct. Your latest collection is sexy, sophisticated and chic. What was the direct inspiration behind the line?

My inspiration for SS16 was simple COLOR, I loved the bright colors in the 70’s. I also wanted to stay as true to that era as possible and still be modern, also adding the edge that my brand represents. I focused on color and traditional pieces like bell bottom, bell sleeves and jumpsuits but used modern silk fabrics.

Style in LA verses style in NYC is different. How do you feel you cater to both coastlines?

Well luckily for me I’ve been blessed to live in both New York and LA, so I’m able to combine wearable, high fashion edgy pieces that have a laid back nonchalant vibe which to me is New York and LA in a nutshell

How do you feel about trends vs style? In your opinion, what is the difference, if there is one?

I’m not really a fan of trends, trends are very temporary they come and go so quick. Before you get a chance to decide if you like this particular trend it’s gone. Style is authentic, it can’t be forced. Real style speaks valium, you can see real style from a mile away, plus I’m a girl that’s been in love with fashion my whole life and it doesn’t matter how much money you spend on your clothes if you have real style you’ll look like a million bucks.

Who would you LOVE to see in your clothes?

This is a really hard question because there are so many beauties I would love to dress, But I think I would have to say Rihanna her confidence is out of this world, I love her. Jennifer Lawrence would be amazing also and I can’t forget King Bey.

Have you had a, “Mama, I made it!” moment? If so, when was it?

Not yet, when I win my first CFDA that’ll be my “Mama, I made it” moment

What fashion trend do you wish would disappear? For example, I despise kitten heels. As someone who stands 5 feet tall, I have no time for fake heels!

Ewww kitten heels are sooo bad :). I think I’m over the being naked to be sexy trend, let’s keep a little something to the imagination.

Every Monday, MarshBar’s Closet has the “Monday Words of Inspiration.” On Instagram your post are very uplifting.   What words of inspiration would you offer women who are interested in pursuing fashion design?

A career in fashion isn’t going to always be glamorous, work hard, put in the time, perfect your craft, learn the business, and never forget you can do whatever you put your mind to, work hard so more, trust God, and then work harder, never forget when you aren’t working I am :-). Reach for the star and shine bright.

Take a look at the Spring/Summer 2016 Collection and find out more about Nicole Shante HERE



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