6 Times Ty Hunter left a PRINT on our hearts

 Tyrone (Ty) Hunter is more than just “Beyoncé’s Stylist.”  While it’s an honorary name to hold, the entrepreneur has made a name for himself with his warm personality, amazing style and innovative business ventures. I’ve met Ty on several occasions and he’s probably one of the most stylish men I’ve come across.  His fashion choices are unconventional, bold, bright and usually printed.  His choice of clothing directly aligns with his fun, bright, positive spirit!  His spin on prints is on a whole new level. Take a look at 6 times Ty Hunter left a print on my heart.

tyrone hunter marshbars closet (2)Photo Credit: Instagram/TyHunter

tyrone hunter marshbars closet 1 (2)

Photo Credit: Instagram/TyHunter


ty hunter fbd

Photo Credit: Fashion Bomb Daily

 ty hunter marshbars closet
Photo Credit: James Newman

tyrone hunter marshbars closet2 (2)

Photo Credit: Instagram/TyHunter

ty clouds marsh bars closet

Photo Credit: Zimbo

Before you go, be sure to visit Ty-Lite.com to learn more about front face selfie phone case created by Ty.  It’s kind of a big deal…

ty-light selfie

Photo Credit: www.houstoniamag.com



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