Welcome back NYFW!

In exactly 2 weeks I will be running around like a chicken with my head cut off and I can’t wait!  New York Fashion Week, One of my favorite times of the year, is rapidly approaching!  September’s fashion week brought so many amazing opportunities.  I got to mix and mingle with some awesome people, network my behind off and get my face out there.  I am so ready to do it again!

The most annoying part about NYFW is planning outfits for the week in disgusting winter weather.  Who really has the time to be extra cute in snow?  Unfortunately snow is not an excuse to be frumpy and unprepared.  Last thing you need is Essence Magazine capturing you in Uggs and spandex.  Can you imagine?  I mean, normal people won’t see the big deal but for style/fashion lovers, that would be the equivalent to showing up to a wedding in hot shorts and a halter top.  Who does that? Anyway, for this NYFW I think the easiest way to get around the “what to wear” fiasco is by hiding behind a large, vintage fur coat.  On the day’s that I am unable to get away with that, I will choose chic simplicity over anything that is too much.

Take a look at some of the greatness that happened during the last NYFW.




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