When that Kaepop POPS!

I’m no beauty guru but I was definitely a happy camper when I found out Karrueche Tran was collaborating with color pop.  While I love fashion, I completely lack in the beauty department.  I don’t know much about contouring, eye shows seem too messy and lipsticks are just complicated.  I have 3 lippies in rotation and if you’ve been following my blog, you can probably name all 3 right now!  I was excited to introduce new colors to my small but growing collection.  I figured I’d begin to expand with “Rooch.”

Rooch is a deep wine ultra matte lippie with amazing consistency.  I wouldn’t really call it matte because it didn’t dry out my lips like most matte’s do but it did have very minimal shine to it.  My lips remained well moisturized and I didn’t have to reapply for the entire night.  I was hanging out with my makeup artist friend who was quite skeptical of the whole Kaepop collaboration so I decided to let her know that I made the plunge and spent SIX whole dollars on a lipstick.  When the lipstick arrived I wore it out to an event and showed her how it looked.  She looked so surprised and said, “Ohhhh it looks so good on you!”  At the end of the night as we rode the train home she asked me, “Did you reapply your lipstick?” “Nope, not at all.  Do I need to?” I responded.  She had an impressed look on her face and said, “nope, you’re good!”  I think I made her a believer.

My experience with Rooch is causing me to spend big bucks on Kae and Chi, the other lippies in her collection.  For $6 a pop, you might as well expand your lip bar as well.  Kaepop offers more than just lipsticks.  You can also purchase liners, eye shadows and bronzers.  Judging by Rooch, the Kaepop collection is of GREAT quality at such an affordable price.  Take a look at how I rocked Rooch!

Kae pop marshbars closet 1

Chi- Kae- Rooch (Photo Credit: Instagram.com/ByKarrueche

Kae pop marshbars closet

I loved it so much I decided to wear it again!

Asos denim MarshBars Closet asos denim Marshbars Closet 1 asos denim marshbars closet 2


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