Get the Look: Dsquared2 vs. Shoedazzle

It’s almost time to debut your springtime pedicure in a nice pair of sandals.  You can take the splurge by purchasing the DSquared 2 Ariel or Techno Japan Sandals or you can go with the Shoedazzle version for well under $100!  Okay, here’s the deal,  DSquared always has the most amazing shoes.  Unfortunately the $1,425-$2,845 price is way out of my league but for $39, I can find a similar shoe that won’t break my pocket.  While the Shoedazzle shoe is a muted version of the DSquare design, you get the same feel with the bright colors and shoe laces.  What do you guys think?

D Squared 2 Ariel Sandals ($2,845)

dsquared2 sandals

dsquared2 sandals 1

DSquared 2 Techno Japan Sandal ($1,425)

Shantel Jackson wearing the DSquared Techno Japan Sandals

Miss Jackson D Squared

dsquared2 sandals 2

Shoedazzle Yadaria Sandals

Shoedazzle 2


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