What does your name mean to you?

The last few weeks have been really great for me.  As you guys know, I work full-time, but a major goal of mine is to contribute to a reputable fashion publication.  Back in January I received an email from my favorite blogger asking me if I was interested in joining her team.  Can you imagine the joy that I felt?!  I immediately replied and said, “Sure! Let me know what you’d need from me.” That’s the safest response I could say because everything in my spirit was screaming, “F*ck YEA! I’ll do it!!” I waited a little over a month before things got started.  I am beyond excited for this new opportunity because it puts me in a position to learn and absorb so much information from one of the best.  As a result, content on my blog has been low but once I get the hang of things I’ll be able to manage both.

My goal isn’t to continue growing someone else’s brand, my goal is to learn all that I can so that I can perfect my own.  Experience is key.  This position has humbled me like no other because it is showing me my weaknesses.  My goal is to SHINE and put my best foot forward.  In this business, your name and your work means so much.  If you always keep that in mind, you’ll always present the best you (if your name means anything to you).


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