Don’t Stop Believin’

Two years ago, August 11, 2014 to be exact, I applied to a post about becoming a Fashion Bomb Daily intern.  The ad required you submit a bomb product of the day along with other FBD categories.  I prepared a PowerPoint presentation, did some research and submitted the requirements before saying a silent prayer.  A week or so later I received an email that said, “Thank you for your interest in the Fashion Bomb Daily internship.  Unfortunately, we will not be able to extend an offer to you at this time.  Thank you again for your submission.”

Man.  I was bummed.  Still, I created a space for myself that put FBD within my reach.  Claire Sulmers, the EIC of Fashion Bomb Daily, is such a person you want to mimic when it comes to success.  In my mind, if I wasn’t going to be on the team, I was going to work hard enough to get my name recognized by her or another reputable brand.  I picked up a few writing gigs to build my resume.  Everything Girls Love, Kontrol Magazine, Pynk Magazine to name a few.  I’d attend events in efforts to network with other people with similar dreams.  I’d attend events hosted by Claire.  I’d run into her during fashion week.  Every time I saw her, I’d tell her about how much of an inspiration she is.  I’m sure she heard it often.  I mean, she is. I’m not trying to be cheesy, but it’s very honorable for a woman like her to use her platform to support other women.  Anyway, Claire didn’t always remember me each time she saw me.  She’d smile for a picture with me (like she did with everyone else), engage in small talk and then move on to the next person in line for a photo.  EVERY SINGLE TIME I saw her I’d say, “Remember me?!?” After about the 4th encounter that went by that script, she apologized and said she’d never forget me.  After that, I’d see her at events and she’d greet me by name.  SCORE!

As time went on, I became more of a familiar face.  By then, writing for FBD wasn’t much of a thought for me.  I saw them advertising for new writers but I just figured I wasn’t good enough.  I ignored the ad and continued to contribute to other publications.  One day an Instagram follower asked me how possible it’d be for me to get some of her items to Claire.  I figured it shouldn’t be too difficult, everyone loves free sh*t right?  I sent an email to Claire and cc’d the Instagram follower in on the email.  Two weeks later she responded with her mail information and her very last line of her email read, “Also, I’m interested in bulking up on our writing staff.  Would you be interested in writing for FBD?”  Ummm… YEA! Are you kidding me?

At that moment, I can’t explain what I felt.  I’m a 32 year old woman working a full time job all while following a dream that can make or break you.  I cried.  I feel so corny to say it but I did.  First of all, I let my age put a damper on a lot of stuff.  Who wants to be a 32 year old intern?  Sh*t I guess I do!  Sometimes I let my age discourage me.  Not today!  All the insecurities of why I didn’t get this position before resulted in God saying to me, “You were not ready yet.”  God’s timing is absolutely EVERYTHING.  I am HUMBLED to be  32 year old staff writer for Fashion Bomb Daily.  I still maintain my full time job, I skip out on late dinners and after parties to run home and work on posts and I do geeky sh*t like repost my posts on my Facebook and Instagram page.  Excuse the cussin’, I’m hyped.

Don’t stop believing.  Ever.  Really, don’t ever stop believing in your dreams.  Will I write for FBD for the rest of my life? No.  But what I will do is soak up EVERYTHING there is to know and learn about fashion, media and marketing.  I’m learning from the best!

I really didn’t want to write this blog.  Not because I feel boastful, but almost a bit embarrassed by my enthusiasm.  Weird, right?  Like if Claire read this would she think I’m this stalker?  The truth is, I wrote this blog because I wanted to give a testimony to persistence, patience, dedication and more importantly the power of God.  Someone on my Facebook page said to me, “As someone who has a small sense of how hard you’ve worked for all that you are currently enjoying…  I’d love to have a serious convo about the line between your efforts and God holding you down.  I just don’t get how you give all credit to anything but your own hard work/efforts.”  This is bigger than Claire and FBD.  This is about believing.  If God put a dream in your heart, trust and believe that He will see it to fruition.  I may have worked hard but it’s because I believed in God’s promise to me.

So this is a longer Words of Inspiration.  I didn’t proofread.  I’m sure it has tons of typos and grammatical errors but I was going for raw emotion.  Hope my testimony inspires you to keep on going.


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