Don’t Be Your Biggest Enemy!

The last two Monday’s have come and gone and I haven’t posted a Monday Words of Inspiration.  I’ve been all over the place!  Working full-time, juggling Fashion Bomb Daily, working out all while trying to be a functioning human being.  I don’t know how Beyonce does it.  I mean, we all have the same 24 hours right?  Still, sometimes I feel like I am drowning in responsibilities.  When I begin to feel this way, I remind myself to suck it up and shut it up.  Don’t waste unnecessary energy on being your own worst enemy.  Life is too short.  Spend time doing what you love to attain the level of success you want to achieve.  Beyonce didn’t get to where she is because she pitied herself, she got there because she challenged herself when she felt she couldn’t go on.  No more excuses!


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