On the Scene: Makeup and Chill

Saturday afternoon I prepared myself for a day of pampering at the Makeup and Chill Beauty Bar.  I arrived to a packed venue of makeup and beauty enthusiast.  I’m no makeup guru so I appreciate events like this that teach me a thing or two on how to create and maintain my own beauty regime.

The Lip Station:

The Lip station featured a selection lipsticks by The College Girl.  The College Girl is a brand made by La’China B., an entrepreneur from Brooklyn who fully identifies with the challenges of being a College student.  The colors are bold, fun and carefree!



The Lash Station:

The Lash Stash was found at this station.  The brand sells mink and synthetic lashes.  They’re so easy to apply!  Although they do not come with glue, I learned that you can apply with any of the brands sold in the beauty supply store.



The Brow Station:

Perhaps the most magical stop to make.  Moshoodat offered a variety of services.  Basic eyebrow clean-up, eyebrow tinting and eyebrow fill-in.

Makeup-and-Chill-Moshoodat-1 Makeup-and-Chill-Moshoodat

The Nail Station:

Unfortunately I didn’t get to stop at the Nail station!  Sad because I could use a design on my plain, nude nails.  They were offering different designs and color changes.


This is what I looked like when I first walked in to the event:


My trouble area has always been my eyebrows.  I do NOT get them done often.  Judge me all you want.  I once got an infection in my eye after a bad brow job.  Now, I draw them in and use concealer to clean them up.  Since I was in a full service salon, I figured I’d take advantage of every station available.  My first stop was the eyelash station.

The designated cosmetician at that station walked me through the lash process.  She explained to me that she was using Mink Lashes.  Mink lashes are reusable and can be worn between 7-10 times if they’re maintain and stored properly.

My next stop was the Lip bar where I got to sample a few colors.  The first color sampled was a soft pink hue.  I immediately noticed the creamy, soft texture of the lipstick.  I eventually changed into a bold red color that had a glossy finish.

My last stop was the brow bar.  Save the best for last, right?  So the best thing that could’ve happened throughout this whole experience was that I got my eyebrows tinted.  Yes, tinted!  Eyebrow tinting is a temporary henna-like ink that is used to darken your eyebrows.

Here is my final look!




LIT Brooklyn is one of my favorite candle companies.  The brand was created by two friends who bonded over their love for candles.  The Brooklyn residents decided to start a company together that is VERY successful!


Ohemia offers natural body products and African-inspired fashion.  Beautifully crafted clutches, scarves and accessories.

Makeup-and-Chill-ohemia Makeup-and-Chill-ohemia-1

Check out some photos from the rest of the day!


Makeup and Chill attendee shows off her freshly done lashes and lips


Moshoodat slaying my eyebrows



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