Hair Care 101: Natural Splendor

I’ve gone through quite the hair transit over the past year.  In 2015 I decided to grow my hair out and see what happens.  The end result was me wearing every protective style known to man beside rockin’ my natural curls.  It finally dawned on me; long hair is NOT for me!  I used to look at the long, curls on the natural hair Instagram pages and have complete and utter hair envy.  After experiencing shoulder length hair, I accepted the fact that I am the Amber Rose of short hair.  It’s my thing.  That’s my look.  Time to own it.


A few months ago I went to Alwayz Pretti Hair Salon in White Plains, NY to get a cut and color.  Best. Decision.  Ever.  I went home feeling like myself again.  Only thing is, cutting your hair causes you to learn it all over again.  Products I used when my hair was longer wasn’t agreeing with my new cut.  I came across a product named Natural Splendor and decided I’d give it a try.

Natural Splendor Curly Conditioning Cream sells two formulas: lightly coiled hair and tightly coiled hair.  Because my curls aren’t as tight as I’d like them, I decided to give the light coils jar a try.  It is completely MAGICAL when you find a product that agrees with your hair.  The leave-in conditioner was applied to my hair after a wash and deep condition.  I applied a good amount through my hair and did a twist-out for the next day.  The results were GLORIOUS!  My hair felt incredibly soft, full of body and my curls were so defined!  Take a look at my results!

Natural-Splendor-Curl-Conditioning-Cream-for-lightly-coiled-hair Natural-Splendor-Curl-Conditioning-Cream-for-lightly-coiled-hair-1 Natural-Splendor-Curl-Conditioning-Cream-for-lightly-coiled-hair-7

You can learn more about Natural Splendor here.  Overall, I can confidently say I’ve found my new hair product.  I love the definition the lightly coiled cream gave to my hair.  I am interested to see what the tightly coiled conditioner does to my hair.  I will do a review on it as well.



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