Shape Wear that Works: Queen of the Crop Life

Over the last few year’s I’ve put on some unnecessary weight.  While I try to keep it off, I can’t help but embrace the new wave which has become shape wear.  The truth is, you can be any shape and wear shape wear under garments.  Most celebrities wear Spanx under their clothes for a smooth, flawless finish.  I decided to avoid the trendy brands and give Queen of the Crop a try.

Queen of the Crop has a variety of designs that are suitable for different outfits as well as various shades to match your complexion.  I decided to wear The Hourglass from the Covet Collection.  The color I chose was ‘Godiva.’

Queen-of-the-crop-shape-wear-the-hourglass-godiva Queen-of-the-crop-shape-wear-the-hourglass-godiva-backThe light-weight, adjustable strap mini-dress fits like a glove under your clothing.  Check out my results from the Hourglass shape wear.

 Raenetta-shoedazzle-Marsha-B Raenetta-shoedazzle-Marsha-12

What do you think?  Would you wear shape wear garments?  Find out more about the Hourglass by visiting The Queen of the Crop.


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