DIY 101: How to Make (and Style) a Box Pleated Skirt in Under an Hour

Welcome to the DIY generation!  How many times have you wished you could make something yourself instead of spending tons of money on it?  YouTube channels and blogs are dedicated to teaching people like myself how to get the look without spending a grip.

YouTuber Tabitha Sewer,is a seamstress that has an interesting tutorial on how to make a simple box pleated waist skirt.  See how I styled it below!  Watch the tutorial to find out how you can make your own skirt.


Marsha-B-Tabitha-skirt-blushing-bundles-hair-justfab-shoes Marsha-B-Tabitha-skirt-blushing-bundles-hair-justfab-shoes-1
Marsha-B-Tabitha-skirt-blushing-bundles-hair-justfab-shoes-5 Marsha-B-Tabitha-skirt-blushing-bundles-hair-justfab-shoes-6





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