Blushing in my Blushing Bundles!

The struggle is real when it comes to a black woman with natural hair.  My hair has been through so much this year and unfortunately I am paying the price!  I endured a bit of heat damage a few months back when I straightened my hair.  With a wedding (not mine) coming up and damaged hair on my head, I decided it was time to fully protect my hair with a weave.  Fortunately because of the wedding I get to dabble in different looks.

I know absolutely NOTHING about weaves.  Not my forte.  Yaki, Remi, Brazilian, Malaysia, loose curl, semi-wave, Canadian-Virgin semi-curly mostly straight, confused hair.  I didn’t and still don’t get it.  I went to a friend who recently got a weave and inquired about her hair.  She referred me to a hair vendor who pretty much cheated me out of $206.  In complete desperation, I reached out to Blushing Bundles, an online hair retailer who not only explained in detail the type of hair I’d be receiving, she also had it hand-delivered to me the same day!

I used two bundles of Blushing Beauty Curly 12 inch hair.  I wanted something that would match my typical hair style.  I was honestly surprised when I went to work the next day and have everyone address my weave as if it were my hair!  Take a look below and tell me what you think!

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