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With the holidays right around the corner, it is imperative that we keep our money circulating within our community.  But where do you go to shop? Christina of the Love Brown Sugar blog, decided to translate the idea of her annual pop-up shop with black vendors into an online store.  Now supporters from across the globe can log online and purchase quality items from entrepreneurs of color.

Meet Christina, owner of LoveBrownSugar, ShopLoveBrownSugar, BabyBrownSugar and BrownGirlsLove.


The group of brands represented on Shop Love Brown Sugar are unique and special.  Whether you use this as a holiday gift guide or a site to purchase all of your beauty and lifestyle essentials, I think you’ll fall in love with each and every product here!  Another perk, everything on this site is $50 and under!  Don’t believe me?  Check it out for yourself!

Beauty by Africa Miranda


Africa Miranda’s trip to Brazil resulted in a love affair with their home-grown products which began the process of Beauty by Africa Miranda.  The first product from the collection is a facial elixir that blends Soybean, Maracuja and Coconut Oil, with Cupucacu Butter that produces a light-weight, multipurpose elixir.  Purchase here for just $40.

Lip Bar and Balm And Co.


Sharing a tray with Africa’s elixir was a small collection of liquid matte lipsticks by The Lip Bar.  I literally fell in love with each shade there!  For just $13 a pop, it’s definitely worth indulging on the array of fall-friendly colors.  Also on the tray was Balm & Co, a collection that included a Glow Serum, Glow Mist and a Healing Lip Balm.

Ginger + Liz


Ginger and Liz is a long lasting, toxin free and lacquer free nail polish that will have you completely ready for the holiday season.  Shop Love Brown Sugar will feature 2 colors, All I Need is You, a deep wine red, and Best I’ve Ever Had, a sleek nude color.

Belle Butter


Sampling Bell Butter was like rubbing a silky, sweet scented layer of goodness on my skin.  The whipped Shea butter can be used for your hair or body.  Such a great product to have during those harsh winter months.  For just $15, you can stock up!

Lit Brooklyn


I’m biased when it comes to LIT Brooklyn because I keep their candles lit when I’m at home!  It’s like setting the perfect mood to chill with a glass of wine.  As the all natural candle burns, it produces an oil that I sometimes rub on my skin.  This is a gift that’ll bring warmth into any home.  You can purchase here for $14.



How many times do you pick up a makeup remover wipe and it’s completely dried out?  You buy a pack of 24 and only the first 10 are okay to use.  Lauren Napier came up with the genius idea to create an environmental-friendly makeup remover named Cleanse.  Each wipe comes individually wrapped so you don’t have to worry about the products drying out.

S Dot Beauty


Mass produced baby products can be so harsh!  Why not try an all natural product that is likely to nourish the skin and hair of your little one?  SDot Beauty introduces a Sparkle Baby Gentle Baby Wash, Angel Glaze Natural Baby Oil and Bum Chum All Natural Diaper Balm.  The bedtime baby regime is a unique holiday or baby shower present.

Happy Hair


The natural hair movement has been a beautiful one to witness.  An important part of that movement is teaching the young ones to love their hair.  Happy Hair is a children’s book that promotes a health self-image.  No matter your shade, hair texture or overall appearance, Happy Hair wants you to know that you are beautiful!



84Gem features a beautifully crafted brass and crystal fused bracelet as part of a mommy and me collection.  How adorable!

CeeCee’s Closet NYC


Headwraps have become more than a way to hide a bad hair day.  In addition to the cultural history, it is an unique way to dress your crown.  Cee Cee’s Closet NYC has a wide variety of African print wraps that are fit for any occasion.

All of these items and much more are available NOW on Shop Love Brown Sugar.  We live in a time where support from your own community is important!  The more we support each other, the stronger we become.  Congrats to you Christina!



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