Brands to Watch: e=ny by Sadia Hayden

One day during my usual Instagram scrolling frenzies, I came across a photo of Keke Palmer in a dope black poncho.  The black over-sized top fell off the shoulder, featuring grommets and a large “L” on the front.  Keke paired her top with black thigh high boots, a choker and a black bandana around her head.  The look was fun, chic and stylish.

Upon further research, I learned that the designer was none other than Sadia Hayden, a fashion enthusiast from Michigan who moved to New York City to pursue her dreams of becoming a designer.  Her brand is a unique one.  While it took her a few years to get the brand off of the ground, here she is to present e=ny.  The “e” signifies the eight years of hard work and dedication it took to bring her dreams to fruition and ny represents her connection to New York.  e=ny embodies a culture that only a true New Yorker would understand.  

The message behind Hayden’s brand is powerful.  The designer places metal grommets throughout signature garments as a call to stop gun violence.  In supporting her collection, you support the notion of keeping our neighborhoods free of unnecessary gun play.  Powerful!

Since Keke’s first appearance in the e=ny poncho, she was spotted again in a cropped hoodie and hot shorts combo by the brand.

Check out the full women’s collection!


What do you think?  Are you feelin’ e=ny?

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