Me first, Everything Else Second

It’s Monday!  I’m back in New York after a sunny, fun-filled weekend in LA.  I flew down on Friday in preparation of Cocktails with Claire and Ty Hunter LA and flew back to reality Sunday afternoon.  For me, this weekend was about networking, building and collaborating but God had other things in mind.  While I didn’t get to fulfill my trip’s mission, I got a more valuable lesson out of it.

 In this industry, people will see your hunger and use it to their advantage.  Is that a bad thing? No.  Internships operate off of this idea. You learn what you need to learn and they get to utilize your services.  Sounds like an ideal situation, right?  Be sure that whatever effort you put in, you get back in return.  Service is great, but it has to be mutually beneficial otherwise why are you there?  You can complete an amazing internship and learn lots of information, but without that recommendation letter, how will you climb the ladder?  Sometimes you can put in 100% and get back 50% or you can put in 100% and get back 100% but ALWAYS putting in 50% will get you 50% or less in return.  Be sure that you get what you give.

We report to work daily and complete a list of duties that help contribute to an organization or brand’s success.  What would happen if we applied the SAME effort into our own brand?  What if the 100% that you put into someone else went into YOU?  Does this mean you put 50% in?  No.  Stay true to yourself and your work ethic BUT- remember why you’re doing what you’re doing.  Your brand represents you.  Everything you do, do it with your brand in mind.  It’s okay to help grow someone else’s dream as long as you don’t neglect yours!  The effort you put into something else may go unnoticed but the love you pour into yourself will not.  I guess my point is, where would I be today if I gave as much of myself to MarshBar’s Closet as I do to everyone else?  Take the time to nurture YOU.  During any emergency drill they instruct you to mask yourself first before you assist others.  What good are you if you run around helping everyone else with their masks that you’re unable to put on your own?  I will dedicate more time to my brand and plant seeds of success over it.  Me first, everything else second.

I had an amazing time in LA and the Cocktails with Claire x Ty Hunter event was a HUGE success!  LA showed tons of love, it was great!  So many fashionable people, its ridiculous.  The vibe and energy is really different out there.  LA, you definitely have a place in my heart.

Take a look at some photos below!

Pictured: Samjah Iman, Myself, Ty Hunter, Cassandre

Posing with Bryon Javar, panelist for the Breaking into Fashion Panel

Grinning like a fool with Cassie Ventura

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