Men, Wear Your RompHims!

Another day, another trend.  For today’s trend, we’re emasculating men who wear romphim’s!  What’s a romphim you ask?  It’s basically a male romper, or a jumpsuit.

Why is this even a topic?

A few days ago a media outlet picked up that the romphim is the latest trend to hit the fashion scene.  A repackaging of jumpsuits and overalls created the stir heard around the internet.  Before you knew it, everyone was talking about them.  The memes were endless.  They insinuate that a man dressed in a romphim will acquire feminine qualities.  Social media’s reaction to the trend made me think; why is masculinity so finicky?

People made a huge deal about men wearing pink.  Have your ear pierced in a certain ear? GAY!  Slim-fit jeans? HOMO!  Now pants and that are attached to shirts have become…. gay!  Go figure.  My issue is society’s need to make anything different, feminine.  Men have been wearing “romphims” for decades but this is what happens when you take an age-old trend, re-brand it and add some funky prints.   Honestly, I love the trend.  I think it’s cute.  Hell, I’d by a romphim for myself!


 is NOT this!

And if it was… who cares!  Let people be who they want, wear what they want, live how they want.

 Men, wear your romphims!  Wear them with pride.

  • kym
    Posted at 19:34h, 18 May Reply

    I completely agree. I am about fed up with all the back and forth. ESP from the uber religious and hella holy rollers. I just cant. In all my faith and absolute love for God, I would never ever consider questioning someones sexuality for wearing clothes that were made for their gender. Honestly – is it really that deep? You don’t want to wear it? DON’T BUY IT. but why are we questioning men for what has been worn for decades? Someone in one of my Christian groups on Facebook said “this kind of fashion is the reason we have transgendered people” baffled with what i just read, I responded: fashion x transgender = not the same thing. her response “In my eyes, it is synonyms” i was done and realize the society we live in fears everything they don’t know and then attacks it with hate. sorry for the rant but your words hit the head on the nose.

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    Posted at 20:59h, 29 May Reply

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