Meet Me Series: Perfumes and Conversations

Sunday afternoon I hoped on the train and headed uptown to a rustic brownstone in the heart of Harlem.  Upon entering the brownstone, my senses were overwhelmed with scents that ranged from vivid florals to airy vanilla aromas. Perfumes and Conversations is centered around the idea of finding your scent and knowing what works for you.  Kimberly Waters, perfume enthusiast and owner of the Perfume Gallery, aims to begin the dialog between women and their most intrusive accessory; their scent.

Ayanna Dutton of the Meet Me Series and Kimberly Waters of the Perfume Gallery

And so the conversation begins…

When you think of perfume, how does it make you feel?  For me, I feel polished.  I guess I can be described as a minimalist.  On those special occasions, or when I remember to, perfume becomes the finishing touch to my ensemble.  If I had to pick a scent, I’d go with something fresh and light.  As a group, we discussed the various scents, how they make us feel and the importance of accessorizing with your own personal smell.  If you walked into the gallery a minimalist, you were sure to leave with a love and appreciation for the art of perfumery.

Kimberly’s love for aromas makes her very knowledgeable in her field.  Each perfume that she has tells a story of a time in her life, making it difficult to let go of her collection.  The personal connection she carries with each scent will directly contribute to the success of her gallery.  I must say, I entered Perfumes and Conversations a novice and left knowledgeable in what works for me but more importantly, WHY.

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