True Accountability Lies Outside of Your Comfort Zone

It takes a great deal of faith to have faith.  A few days ago I made an impulsive decision and decided to step out on faith and let go to something that was familiar to me.  In efforts to push myself in a way I have never done before, I learned that letting go of familiarity makes me completely accountable for the outcome of my future.

 Aren’t we all accountable for our future’s outcome?  Yes.  But when you step outside of your comfort zone, your success is a direct result of the effort you put in.  Accountability takes on a whole new meaning. Want to be published somewhere?  Set the bar by writing articles and pitching them.  If you don’t write and pitch, you are accountable for the lack of success. The best way to grow is to remove yourself from that comfortable situation.  It will force you to make things happen for yourself.  You’ll do things you never thought you’d do to make sure you’re triumphant in the end.

I encourage everyone to step outside of their comfort zone.  Magical things happen there, just remember you’re accountable for the level of your success.

As for outfit deetz… I’m wearing a button down cropped top by Zara.  I paired it with a custom made skirt that I got while I was in South Africa (read about it here).  I accessorized with tons of bracelets and a transparent box clutch from HerStyleByFashion.

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