The Master Cleanse

What would you name this current chapter in your life?

I have a testimony.  I’ve typed it about 3 or 4 times before I hit that backspace button and convince myself that the bloggersphere isn’t ready to read about my journey quite yet.  A lot has changed.  My focus has shifted and I’m allowing God to fully guide my footsteps.

You see, when God sees that you aren’t working to your fullest potential, He will remove the staples in your life so that things can unravel.  They unravel just enough to cause angst and anxiety, but stick together enough for you to gather loose ends and get back on track.  I won’t front, God removed so many staples that I thought I was destroyed.  In hindsight, He was striping me from everything that was holding me back.

Now that I recognize this, the process is less painful and more beautiful.  I wasn’t manifesting at my fullest potential.  When I realized this, I decided to sit in solitude, disconnect from negative people and jobs while working on understanding my place in this world.  Something like a Master Cleanse.

Had you asked me a few months ago how I felt about 2017, I would’ve told you how horrible it has been.  Today I can offer a different perspective and say that it has been the most cleansing experience I’ve ever had the privilege of going through.

What about you?  What is this chapter of your life called?

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