Cleaning Out My Closet; Literally and Figuratively

The power of your thoughts and speech will ultimately decide your future.  For years, I’ve spoken a financial abundance over my life and as a result of that, I rarely ever talked myself out of buying what I want.  While I know my limits, I’ve always managed to make a way out of no way.  I remember one day while chatting with a friend and she said to me, “You’re so lucky to have a partner who pays for everything!”  I quickly corrected her and said, “I’m really good with money.  I pay for everything with my own hands!

My mindset hasn’t changed in regards to money, but as I prepare for my life’s shift as a full-time freelance journalist, I need to make smarter decision when it comes to my shopping habits.  One day while going through my closet, I noticed tons of clothes with price tags still on them.  What in the entire f*ck?  How am I being good with money if I am hoarding things I’ve never worn or wore once before?  That shit cray! *In my Kanye voice*

I began to give clothes away.  Anyone who came over left with a few outfits.  I donated what I could. Still, I was left with a crap load of clothes.  The sad part is, not only do I have to clean out my closet, I have suitcases, laundry bags and drawers full of unworn clothes that gots ta go! I decided to open up a Poshmark store to get rid of all the clothes that I clearly didn’t need.

Beyond clothing, how many of us hold on to things we don’t need?  The closet purge is more than me getting rid of material things that take up unnecessary space.  I am also removing things from my mind and spirit so that I can make room for new blessings.  The last thing I want to do is miss a gift because I am out of storage.  How many times have you tried to take a fly ass picture but you get that annoying, “not enough memory,” icon?  Delete, get rid of and remove the clutter so you can make room for the gifts of God.  You have to remove anger to gain happiness.  You have to remove a spirit of complaining so you can experience blessings.  There’s no room for both.

Here’s a gift from me to you.  People always mention loving my wardrobe and wanting to shop my closet.  If you’re interested, sign up for Poshmark here using code USFBH.  Once you join, you can view my closet here.  If you see something you like, leave a comment under the item that says, “There’s room in my closet!” I will make you a discounted offer.

Overalls- JustFab Distressed Overalls

Shoes- GoJane (sold out but find something similar here, here or here)


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