What 33 Taught Me

**Editors note: This post was supposed to go live on my birthday but I didn’t have time to update with photos.  My birthday was 11/09.

It’s my birthday!!!

I’ll never forget on my 33rd birthday a good friend told me that this year was going to be a special year.  She went on to explain that Jesus died at the age of 33.  I remember thinking, oh shit… dying doesn’t sound fun but then she reminded me that He rose from the dead 3 days later.  The message began to fall into place.

This year, I went through so many changes.  The theme seemed to be self-discovery.  I was determined to be my best self but instead, I found myself depressed and unable to get out of bed most days.  On social media it looked like I was living the life!  Traveling around the world and working with very successful people.  In reality, I was down in the dumps.  I isolated myself from all of my friends and committed myself to my bed.  I kept thinking about how my friend described your 33rd year of life.  She said it would be a year of discovery. Parts of you will die while other parts will be reborn.  I got to a point where I realized I couldn’t continue living in a state of depression.  Day by day I worked on bettering myself.  I decided to quit my position at Fashion Bomb Daily because I felt it no longer served me.  I made a decision to step out on faith and quit my full-time job (sorry mom… my last day is Dec 13th) because I realized that I have to do fulfill God’s purpose for me on this earth.  As I allowed parts of me die, I allowed other parts of me to be reborn.  It was refreshing.

Today I look back at this crazy year and I thank God for every single situation He put me in.  I am thankful for the people who didn’t want me to get ahead because they forced me to level up and find my best self.  I am thankful for the depression because it showed me where I never want to be.  I am thankful for the bad times because it challenged me to see the good in everything.  Thirty three was a pivotal year.  Had you asked me in January-May what my thoughts were, I would’ve told you this was the worst year ever.  If you ask me now, I’d sing a different song.

As I enter my 34th year on this earth, I am proud to do it with a better understanding of who I am.  I’m ready to take over the world!  Anyway, enough rambling.  Ya’ll are really here for the outfit deetz.

::rolls eyes::

Believe it or not, this LBD was purchased from Zara!

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The shoes are from NastyGal and my coat is a fun, vintage find I purchased from Etsy.

Makeup SLAYED by Marshalle 

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  • Jasmine James
    Posted at 11:05h, 13 November Reply

    I hope my 33rd is also full of such discovery. Very proud of your journey.

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